Software Engineering

Technical Lead - Full Stack

Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Work Type: Full Time

About Team Sequoia

We believe that our passion about what we do is what creates amazing quality products for our customers and offers them outstanding service. Our solutions go into many global products used by all of us in daily life. We pride ourselves on being able to associate with our customers to launch these innovative products. The role that we are hiring for is a key one because you will be the one entrusted with this philosophy and to implement it for us.

Life @ SequoiaAT
As an Engineer at heart, SequoiaAT will be the dream job for you. You will have the opportunity to work on the latest technologies and innovative products before they hit the market and become popular worldwide. If you are working on a gadget for instance, you may get to own one of them as an early tester. Working with us you will feel the “be your own boss” culture so you will have plenty of opportunity to interact directly with our customers and their end customers as well. Our goals do not just end there, we want to work with you on your personal development goals to ensure that they appreciate significantly while you work with us.

We are all engineers and we do not want you to have a feeling that you are getting stuck with just one project and could not grow in your career. We expect you to contribute across a variety of projects during a given time, but at a fairly hands on level all the time. We keep you well informed about new technology trends through our tech chat sessions and secondary skill development process.

Is it the right role for you

  • If you are passionate about product quality, about breaking things that others create, a big yes!
  • If you can find defects in a product much faster than others can, then you are a natural fit
  • If you have an eye for detail, are eager to learn every day and use the learning in your work, then you will fit in very well
  • You should have the ability to freely and clearly communicate your technical ideas and thoughts to succeed at SequoiaAT, be it the customer or your teammates
  • Whereas if you took up a testing career because that was the only option you had and not because of your passion for it, then we are obviously not the right fit for you

What Technology Skills are required for this?

Primary Skills: Ability to break things consistently and finding new ways of breaking things that developers build.

What is expected from your experience in primary skill area?

  • Experience in designing and architecting web applications
  • Implementing suitable design patterns for the given requirements
  • Expertise in requirements gathering, development and deployment of web/cloud applications
  • Expertise in Handling functional and non-functional client requirements
  • Experience in implementing Angular/React/Node/Java
  • Architecting and Designing of databases using – MongoDB/Postgres /MySQL/etc.
  • Basic experience in Linux processes and hands-on shell scripting expertise
  • Proven experience in successfully managing the delivery and meeting quality expectations of leading US Clients
  • Expertise in defect triage, perform root cause analysis, product quality risk assessment and escalations
  • Excellent presentation (and convincing) skills
  • Experience in executing projects in Agile methodology.
  • Hands-on skills in software testing and expertise in methods of early defect detection
  • Hands on experience in tools like Git / SVN, JIRA, etc.
  • Excellent skills in issue isolation, defect reproduction and troubleshooting
  • Technical expertise in conducting formal reviews, guidance and mentoring
  • Experience in Cloud platforms like AWS Aurora & AWS stack in general

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