Software Engineering

Software Engineer - DevOps

Preferable Location(s): Thiruvananthapuram, India | Chennai, India | Santa Clara, United States of America
Work Type: Full Time

An Engineer’s Life @ SequoiaAT

As an Engineer, Sequoia will be a dream job for you. You will have an opportunity to work on technologies and product before they hit the market and get popular. We have a be your own boss culture so you will have plenty of opportunities to interact directly with our customers and their customers. Our goals just do not end there, we want to work with you on your personal development goals and ensure that you meet them.

We are all engineers and we do not want you to have a feeling that you got stuck on one project and could not grow your career. We expect you to contribute to a variety of projects during a given period. We keep you well informed about new technology trends through our tech chat sessions and secondary skill development process.

Is this the right job for you?

This job is ideal for you if you have minimum 5 years of experience in which 3 years is with developing software and two years in DevOps. You must be hands on and should be able to deliver strategic and technical consulting to our clients for cloud Infrastructure, software engineering and automation solutions. You should have an appetite for new technologies and to learn quick if given something new. You must be passionate to help our customers with Cloud Assessments, Cloud Architecture Designs, and Migration Strategy regarding technology evaluation, planning, and implementation.

Must have Skills



3+ years of experience in:

Software development in languages such as Python, JavaScript, or Java

Git based version control

Cloud development experience such as Azure, AWS or GCP

Containers and container-related technologies specifically Kubernetes & Docker

2+ years of experience in

Shell scripting and systems administration of Linux based systems.

Networking, TCP/IP, network troubleshooting, DNS, VPNs etc.

GitOps driven automation (CI/CD) using tools such as Azure DevOps (preferred), Jenkins, Travis, Github Actions, Tekton etc.

DevOps automation tools like Terraform (preferred), Ansible or Azure ARM

relational databases (RDBMS) and NoSQL technologies.

1+ years’ experience in

Big data tooling such as Apache Spark & Databricks

Observability and monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Grafana

Tracing tools such as OpenZipkin, Jaeger, etc.


As a key member, bring together the many moving parts of a complex suite of interacting components implemented with wide array of technologies.

Work with team members (architects, data engineers, software engineers) to formulate guidance and best practices for cross cutting concerns that are common to all deliverables: configuration/secrets management, automation, artifact build pipelines, security, vulnerability scanning, health checks, tracing, logging/auditing and general observability.

Document any DevOps deliverables and or manual processes in a detailed, friendly manner through both written word and visual diagrams, such that any team member can read it and do something useful and productive to solve a problem when the author is unavailable.

Build, manage and monitor automation to fully produce, destroy and re-produce any supporting infrastructure footprint on demand with minimal manual steps as possible that require human interaction.

Build, test and validate deliverables from simple microservices, to larger more complicated data pipelines and their supporting components.


Software Engineering, Development, DevOps, CI/CD, Automation, Infrastructure as Code, Shell Scripting, Linux

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